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Summit Human Capital

About the Client

In 2018, Glenn Diersen, Found & President launched Summit Human Capital (SHC) to innovate the IT human capital industry. SHC offers commercial, federal, state and local IT, healthcare, legal and logistics staffing solutions. PMG provided startup, strategy, marketing, technology and disruptive innovation coaching & consulting.

IT Staffing Startup, Business Impact

  • Achieved SIA 2020 40 under 40 Award
  • Forbes 2021 next 1000 Honoree
  • 1,000% YoY Growth – 194 hires since founding
  • 9,500 Linkedin Followers in 18 months
  • Created & deployed industry-first, automated Applicant Tracking Tools to simplify a recruiter’s role in finding candidates
  • 30 articles published, 40,000 active subscribers
  • Expanded into Federal market in 2020

1000% YoY Growth
194 Lives Changed
90% Employee Retention

Approach toward Disruption

Dr. Jason Seibel and Glenn Diersen used Glenn’s vision of disrupting the staffing industry by starting with the concept: “what problem do clients and candidates have, but don’t want” and how will the company uniquely innovate to disrupt a tired and stale industry?
Competitive research coupled with discussions of Glenn’s previous roles were used to identify challenges and industry gaps. Strategile and other proprietary tools were used to analyze his vision, mission, values, market, segments, competitors, services, PEST, SWOT and more.

“PMG has helped us create and execute a strategic plan resulting in 1,000% growth in 2019 alone. We’re on track to another stellar year..”

Challenges in the staffing industry

The staffing industry is incredibly difficult to enter.  Companies are frequently solicited by sales staff to assist in finding and hiring top talent. Executives are numb to the offers and tired ideas often staying with “who they know.” Changing is time consuming and difficult while turnover is overwhelming and unpredictable.
Challenge #1 – Crowded Marketplace
Challenge #2 – Lack of Discriminators
Challenge #3 – Changing Landscape for Talent Search


  1. A plan was created with milestones & outcomes was created to hold PMG & SHC accountable
  2. Glenn established a vision, mission and values statement to provide the guiding light for the future for SHC
  3. Multiple strategy sessions were held focusing on various areas of the strategic plan including how to discriminate SHC, message their unique selling proposition (USP) and implement solutions to support their USP
  4. A technology roadmap with expected outcomes was established and contracted for implementation by prioritizing higher ROI projects
  5. Consistent with the strategy, several strategic hires were made
  6. When the commercial line of business was stable, expansion into Summit Human Capital, Government Solutions was born

Future Efforts

  • Expansion in customer-candidate culture matching
  • Technology automation to drive near real-time candidate inquiry-response
  • Expansion of IT platforms for scale

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