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Strategy is critical to your business’s success, but it means nothing without sound implementation. 61% of respondents in a report from The Economist admitted that their companies “struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation.

However, management may fear hiring a consultant who develops a strategy and then leaves without ensuring the company has all the guidance, tools and support it needs to implement that strategy. There is no benefit to a nicely bound, hefty report that just gathers dust.

At PMG, we understand that implementation is just as important as strategy, and we don’t stop until you have everything you need to achieve your goals.


PMG Grounds Cost Effective Customize Processes in Analysis & Discipline

At PMG, we take a disciplined, systematic approach to developing implementation for strategic plans and for analyzing those processes you already have in place. Grounding our approach in company research, market research and sound business principles results in predictable, effective results.

We know that every business is different. We will guide your executive team in developing customized processes that work specifically for your business. PMG can help you to avoid processes mistakes that drain your profitability and inhibit your growth.

Do You Suffer from this Common Executive Complaint?

A common challenge for many business owners and executives is that they feel their businesses require their 24/7 oversight.

If your staff is constantly running to you or their supervisors to learn how to accomplish tasks because processes are not in place, you cannot scale. If this is the case for your business, it’s time to revisit your processes and how you transfer knowledge to your staff.

Do You Suffer from this Common Executive Complaint

The Three Ways PMG Can Boost Your Business Through Effective Implementation

The Three Ways PMG Can Boost Your Business Through Effective Implementation

There are three basic reasons businesses look to PMG for developing or streamlining your processes.

PMG Develops Implementation Plans for Strategies We Develop

PMG Develops Implementation Plans for Strategies We Develop

After PMG develops your strategic plan, we can then develop the detailed steps and processes to implement that strategy.

PMG does what it takes to ensure your executive team has everything they need for successful implementation immediately and in the future. Our goal is to drive sustainable improvements and growth with incremental steps and efficient ongoing processes.

PMG Helps You Implement Your Own Strategy

Perhaps you already have a solid strategy, but you are finding implementation to be a stumbling block. Using our signature methods, PMG determines how you can increase efficiencies and reduce operating expenses. We analyze how work is taken in, processed and delivered. Whatever your issue, such as late delivery, low quality, low profits and more, we can pinpoint the problem and develop the steps that your team must follow to make improvements. Often, part of the problem lies with inefficient time management that eats away at staff productivity.


PMG Improves Current Processes

Some companies have business and operations processes that are already working pretty well, but they want to take their company to the next level in terms of better efficiencies, communications and profitability.

Often, they are preparing their company for growth. In this case, PMG can use its proven methods to improve the processes you already have in place to optimize your business’s potential.

Learn More about Implementation & Leadership Development, the Other Two Business Pillars

Learn More about Implementation & Leadership Development, the Other Two Business Pillars

You must use strategic planning as a foundation, but strategy on its own is not enough. You also need


Strategic Planning

Businesses need a strategic plan to set a path for where they want to go.

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Great Leadership

Business coaching helps develop visionary leaders who can build great teams and shepherd your organization through change.

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