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Join this riveting discussion to learn breakthrough strategies that will triple your leads, double your sales, and dramatically increase your revenue and profits.

About this Event

The goal of the session is straightforward – to provide business owners with a proven system being used by businesses around the world that creates a dramatic and immediate increase in leads, sales, and revenue.

In this free, 1-hour workshop, join business growth expert, Dr. Jason Seibel to receive tools, resources, and training that will make your business the dominant player in your market. You will learn strategies for:

  • Generating leads without having to pay for ads or marketing
  • Systematizing your business with impactful automation strategies
  • Increasing your pricing while bringing in more clients
  • Hiring the right people and retaining them

Participants of this workshop will join via GoToWebinar and be asked to participate in the discussion.

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Dr. Jason Seibel

Dr. Jason Seibel is a former Fortune 500 executive with a PhD who has extensive business experience in finance, information systems, human resources, sales, marketing, leadership and operations.

His over 20 years of experience with a wide range of industries enables him to virtualize innovative solutions instead of the same tired programs that may be common in a particular vertical.

Dr Seibel has owned and operated an IT consulting firm, founded and sold an ISP company, hosted a talk radio show, published academic and conference articles, owns 7 franchise locations, and taught university Master/PhD level classes in business, information systems, operations research and project management.

What Others Say

Don Whetro

“Jason is a dynamic business consultant, coach and mentor. His vast business experience and willingness to challenge our thinking and processes has brought great clarity to our strategic focus and planning. Not only have we seen improvement in our key metrics but also in the response of our customers to our rapidly improving culture. Jason’s guidance has been indispensable.”

Don Whetro


AR Franchising

Nina Ildar

“Dr. Jason Seibel has helped our company from day 1. Our exponential growth has everything to do with his knowledge and expertise. We would not be where we are today without him.”

Nina Ildar

Chief Executive Officer

Summit Human Capital

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